About us

One Less began in 2011 as a fundraiser race for the Fickey family’s personal adoption of a child from Africa.  After realizing how expensive adoption can be and also recognizing the beauty of a community coming together and supporting an orphan finding their forever family, they knew that the race needed to continue.
One Less has been blessed to support different families in their own process of bringing their new child home. Adoption is a long road, and many families are traveling on it. But the support of a beautiful and loving community makes their journey a whole lot easier.
There are an estimated 147 million orphans worldwide. There are over 400,000 children in foster care in the US, 50,000 of those are waiting to be adopted. One Less Race believes that EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO KNOW THE LOVE OF A FAMILY, so we are committed to bringing awareness to our community and support to local families who have chosen the difficult, but rewarding, journey through foster and adoption.

One Less Race partnered with Vault Fostering Community in 2015 to better reach adoptive and foster families within our community help fund their adoptions and immediate needs. Vault Fostering Community is a Boerne based 501(c)(3) ministry that provides resources to local foster families who bravely open their homes by providing a safe and caring environment for children who desperately need it.
Families are often given only a few hours notice to prepare for their placement. Vault Fostering Community lends essential items, provide a community or support and, equips local foster families with information and resources that they may need.
 One Less Race is now the primary fundraising event for Vault Fostering Community to support our local mission and to provide monetary grants to families who are fostering and adopting.